Why should we use packaged foods?

چرا از مواد غذایی بسته
One of the biggest and most important aspects of human life is the human struggle against famine and hunger. Providing healthy food to feed the growing population of the world is one of the major concerns in the world. Unfortunately, millions of food products Each year, they are destroyed by various causes such as microbial activity, chemical and enzymatic spoilage, and environmental factors, which require a continuous struggle to prevent the loss of these substances. In this fight, food packaging and protection has played a major role. The use of various coatings for food packaging is now huge and the number of agricultural products and industrial food products that are offered without cover and depending on the consumer market is decreasing day by day. .
Packaging is primarily to protect the food against external factors, but today, while being a means to increase shelf life, it is also a link between the food inside the package and the buyer, and packaging has not only been able to improve the quality of the product. Maintain the distance between the production line in the factory and the consumer table and instill a special culture of their own. Let’s see the products of beautiful grain food packaging together

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