About us

What we know today as the complex of (Ziba Daneh)  food packaging industries was founded in 1998. This collection has been registered as a special joint-stock company by Mr. Sina Rashan. Due to the support of the Islamic Republican of Iran to internal producers, Ziba Daneh Company has continuously carried out its activities for the growth and promotion of the industry. The primary aim of this complex is to prepare, produce and package the best food products along with the use of the best primary materials.

With such an approach, the complex currently produces more than 120 types of food products according to modern technologies.

 One of the goals of this complex, which is the model of its activities, is to try to meet the needs of esteemed consumers in terms of quality, along with creating healthy food security.

 This complex, having quality features and compliance with national standards, has succeeded to receive the national standard marks of Iran, Health Apple and Halal Mark.