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Ziba Daneh Food Industries has started its operations in the field of food packaging industries as a private joint stock company since 1998 and continues its cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations


our products

Ziba Daneh Food Industries with the most up-
todate and modern technologies produces more
than 120 types of food products in 9 categories.
All products in this collection have standard
features, standard mark (ISIRI or INSO), Green
Apple and Halal Food mark (logo)..


the CEO’s words

With the support of God, Ziba Dane complex has put the customers’ satisfaction at the forefront of its thinking and commitment that is in line with its mission. It should be mentioned that this goal is maintained through human dignity that is relying on the knowledge and efforts of the complex’s employees. Growth and the rise of the quality of productions are the other goals of the complex for customers’ satisfaction and the development of national or regional markets.

We are in full effort to produce our products with the best primary materials and all the required facilities for the production and packaging of the products which rely on the organizational agility to meet the consumers’ demands from different parts of social class with the least waste of time along with the best quality and price. At last, all the hard-working colleagues and I committed ourselves to maintain all the mentioned goals with the best and most up to date facilities.

The customers’ satisfaction would indicate the extent of our success in achieving these goals.

Our Products

More than 120 types of food products in 9 categories of flours, legumes, cereals, spices, dried fruits, dried vegetables, herbal medicines, sugar and desserts.

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